Trouble Getting A Short Sale Approval?

Are You Stuck On A Short Sale? Let Us Help!

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Are you having trouble negotiating with PNC, Green Tree, SPS, Nationstar or a Credit Union? Is your negotiator not cutting it? Or are you tired of not getting your full commission? Let us know!

A little more about Short Sale Solutions:

  • We handle everything from start to finish! We work directly with the seller to collect the necessary documents, guide the file through the bank’s system, and then coordinate with escrow to ensure a successful close.
  • We negotiate ALL encumbrances against the property! (Some with as many as 17 liens on the property)!
  • We have a full staff of negotiators AND have a close rate of 95% (compared to the average agent success rate of 65%)!
  • We always get our agents their FULL COMMISSION!
  • We can negotiate your file for FREE!

For more in-depth information, I have included a link below to a video about why use Short Sale Solutions.

Why use Short Sale Solutions?

If you have any additional questions, we are always available to you. Please feel free to give us a call!

Trouble Getting A Short Sale Approval?

Short Sale Solutions

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