“I just want to personally thank you for all of your help. I know it was very difficult dealing with e-trade, and your professional ability is directly responsible for our successful short sale!  I will absolutely recommend you and Short Sale Solutions to any friends who need your help!  You are awesome!”

Todd and Kristen M. – Homeowners

“Short Sale Solutions is excellent at follow-up and follow-through. Rarely does one call them and get a voicemail; typically it is a live person answering the phone, ready and willing to help. Our company has given several files to Short Sale Solutions to handle on our behalf and in every case, that closing was successful. Some of these short sale circumstances made their job very difficult, but they never gave up. Short Sale Solutions kept fighting until they were successful. I am grateful for my association with Short Sale Solutions. I appreciate each of their efforts and look forward to a long relationship with this company and those who make up the team.”

Danielle C. – Homeowner & Agent

“I am very happy to recommend Short Sale Solutions to anyone,  with an emphasis on “Solutions”.  This team of professionals was exactly what my wife and I needed to help us get through the red tape and difficulties of our short sale process.  Not only are they competent at what they do they bring the huge additional plus of being a true advocate for their clients.  Don’t bother to shop around, this company is the real deal.

Tim J. – Homeowner & Agent

“In the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Short Sale Solutions on numerous transactions. I can easily say that each transaction was an extremely positive experience. In any service provider, I look for prompt communication, professionalism, and overall competency. Short Sale Solutions excels at all three. As everyone knows, it’s difficult to find short sale professionals who take their work seriously and deliver what they promise. Now that I’ve found Short Sale Solutions, I will always work with them and refer any other agents/clients to them.

Wayne C. – Agent

“I would like to take a moment to recommend Short Sale Solutions to prospective buyers and sellers who are looking for assistance with their short sale needs. I have personally worked with Short Sale Solutions on several properties and they have worked effectively and efficiently for both the buyers and sellers. Most recently, they have assisted with a transaction of a 3 million dollar estate, which involved dealing with several lenders and multiple tax liens. They were able to successfully navigate and negotiate terms ensuring that both the buyers and sellers received a fair and honest deal. As a seasoned realtor I have dealt with many short sale companies. The expediency and professionalism provided by Short Sale Solutions is unparalleled to any other short sale business I have worked with and my clients unanimously agree. I would strongly recommend their services for any and all short sales throughout California and other states.”

Bryn D. – Agent

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for the gift card and most of all, the service that you all provided for Bev and I. We will be happy to hand your card out to anyone in need or your service.”

Bev & Marv G. – Homeowners

“Tina & Marlene were excellent. Truly knowledgeable about their business and how to help sellers in a multitude of different situations. They do what is best for the sellers and help buyers at the same time. In addition, they gave information about loan modifications and other important information with regards to short sales.”

Larry & Janet – Investor

“I would like to thank both of you for a wonderful presentation at Angel and Shawn’s club meeting. I’m very impressed with the way you started the business. Once again thanks for your time. I’ll refer people in trouble to you. Have a wonderful day.”

Sony N. – Investor

“Thank you! Thank you! You were all so pivotal in all of this…we really appreciate all of the care, time, and expertise you gave on this file. I would be thrilled to work with you again in the future and will be sure to refer you as best as we can!”

Cindy Y. – Buyer

“I would like to thank you for taking the time earlier this year to give me some advice on how to acquire short sales. Your suggestions have definitely paid dividends and I am extremely happy with the results. I now have so many deals going that I have had to start looking for private money to fund them.”

Monte G. – Investor