“To Whom It May Concern:

I used Short Sale Solutions to process and negotiate my short sale listing in Norwalk, CA. Short Sale Solutions did an outstanding job! They were easy to deal with, always communicated and updated me on the file. They were also able to get my seller $10,000 in relocation funds. Best of all, I didn’t have to pay upfront or out of my commission to use Short Sale Solutions to process my short sale transaction. I will continue to use Short Sale Solutions to process all of my future short sale listings. I highly recommend them to all Realtors!!!”


Christopher C. – Broker/Agent

“Thank you so much for all your help! This was one tough deal! Our sellers were two sisters that were left the house by their mother when she passed. This was not just any short sale. This was a home in a Trust with a reverse mortgage. We really appreciate the support from your whole staff! It has been an honor for Ron and I to have worked with such a knowledgeable hard working Team!”

Ron C. & Luz V. – Agents

“I have been an agent for 8 years now and have had my share of short sales, but when I used Short Sale Solutions I had no idea it could be so easy and kicked myself for not knowing about or using them before.  From the introduction to the close I always had an update as to what was going on with the file and if I called or emailed the person in charge of my file I was either responded to right away or by the end of that day.  The particular home that I used Short Sale Solutions for I really thought there was no way we were going to get the Lender to approve the short sale because this Lender was known for playing hard ball, but it closed and I could not be happier.  I am now a long time Short Sale Solutions for life!”

Melissa VH – Agent

“Michael and I would like to thank you for your hard work, dedication and your continual patience.  This was definitely a process for us and your team made this sale possible. We appreciate each and everyone of you and cannot thank you enough. Our only regret is that we did not initiate this sale sooner. The tenants definitely presented an interesting situation but I am very happy that we were able to stay on course.  Being in Georgia and my traveling for work could’ve made this entire process a lot more difficult but your team managed to make it as seamless as possible.

Michael and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”


Michael & Donna W. – Homeowners

“I was referred to Marlene Waterhouse with Short Sale Solutions by my real estate attorney. He was impressed with her knowledge of short sales. After we met and considered my options, we agreed that the short sale of my home was the solution.

Marlene and her dedicated team handled the paperwork and had the expertise needed to work effectively with the bank. She organized open houses, found the right buyer, and closed the deal.

Everyone says short sales take a very long time, mine did not. Marlene made sure that the process moved forward and worked to everyone’s advantage.”


Geraldine – Homeowner

“Thank you so much, yes my husband and I are very happy and relieved to have that chapter of our lives behind us. Was not an easy task or decision but very happy that we had the pleasure to work with such dedicated, professional and caring individuals to get us through this rough patch in our lives.
Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin and ultimately achieving a successful outcome for all parties. I will definitely recommend all of you to anyone I encounter who may need your assistance.
Our heartfelt thanks to each of you.”

Lupe & Randy Stall – Homeowner

“I wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank you and your staff for the incredibly fantastic negotiating you have done on behalf of all my clients, both buyers and sellers, since this most difficult market started several years ago. I clearly remember Peter Engby, agent, advising me so many years ago you at Short Sale Solutions were the best company and staff regards to short selling properties. After over 10 transactions with you, I can truly say he was 110% correct. Your staff and company are to be commended for an outstanding job in assisting my clients get through what was arguably the most difficult financial problem of their lifetimes: selling or purchasing a property where the loan value was greater than the property value. And, that you and your staff did with 100% success and complete professionalism was even more impressive!

Once again many thanks to all of you at Short Sale Solutions! I am committed to both using you and promoting you as the best the profession has to offer! As a broker with 39 years of continuous service in Orange County, I can stay that with pride and satisfaction and most importantly truth! See you on the next transaction!”

Tom B. – Broker

“We’ve seen presentations from a couple of them (Short Sale Solutions) at real estate association meetings in Phoenix and Palm Springs, and were really impressed with the following team of 2 women. Tina works with Marlene Waterhouse, who does the bank negotiations. These 2 know their stuff, and placed a moral emphasis on seeing that the seller is treated fairly by the bank and any potential buyer.”

Brian A. – Investor

“Your Short Sale class was wonderful today… I learn something new every time I hear you (and Marlene) speak; Thank You!”

Victoria J. – Agent

“I just want to tell the team at Short Sale Solutions how impressed I am with your professional and dedicated service you provide to Real Estate agents and brokers. In the past I have helped clients with short sales and have not been very successful. I met the Short Sale Solutions team at the Realtor Expo in Anaheim and since the first transaction, that was a success, I continue to use their company for all my short sales.

Their negotiating skills and communication is above the standard. Tina Hartman has put together a great team. Each short sale transaction you can expect two to three negotiators working on your deal. They keep you aware of important foreclosure dates and let you know what the lien holder expects from you.

I would highly recommend Short Sale Solutions to every agent, having a team of pro’s on your side gives you the time to focus on all your Real Estate transactions. I will continue to contract with them on every Short Sale. Their service is a great advantage in the success of your short sale.”


Paul R. – Agent