How To Close A Short Sale

How To Close A Short Sale

How To Close A Short Sale



Having trouble closing your Short Sale deal? Let us help!

  • We offer our services at no cost to you! A $4,000 service to you for free!
  • We successfully close 95% of our deals!
  • We let you focus on your next listing!
  • We handle everything from start to finish!
  • We are easily accessible and will answer all questions that you or your client has regarding the process. We are the Short Sale team behind you!

Let us take

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Tina Hartman & Marlene Waterhouse on How to Get Short Sales Closed in the New Year!

Listen to Tina Hartman and Marlene Waterhouse speak at our Jan. 8th Seminar, “A New Year According to New Laws!”. For more information about Short Sale Solutions, visit, email or call us at 949-340-5457. We always are available to answer any questions you might have regarding short sales!… Read More

Watch Short Sale Solutions Interview at the October’s Investor Workshop meeting on October 24, 2012!

To interview or have Short Sales Solutions speak at your event, please email, or call us at 949-340-5457. We will consider all guest speaking opportunities and we are always available for any questions you might have regarding short sales! Don’t Lose Your Shorts! Call us Today!… Read More

Being Bullied … (or Why We Have a New Domain Name)

A couple of months ago, we were minding our own business, concentrating on all the tasks required for running a small, successful business.

Our systems were in place, a steady amount of files was coming in, and the number of short sales closing each month was increasing. It was feeling like things were under control.

Under control?  Hmm, I am learning that can be a false sense of security! Because ever so quickly, something can happen, which will cause you to have to scramble. And … Read More