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The work duties associated with short sales and the amount of time they take are daunting. By delegating the processing tasks related to short sales, we free up time for your highest pay-off task… SELLING. We can get our agents get their full commission on the deal and our services are NO COST TO YOU! Please call for more details.

What Services Are Offered to the Real Estate Professional?

    • Handling of the Entire Short Sale Process From Start to Finish
    • Collection & Organization of the Lender’s Particular Documentation Requirements
    • Purchase Offer Submission
    • Homeowner Intake Interview to Answer Any Questions for the Homeowner & Agent
    • Assertive and Effective Follow-Up with Lenders / Asset Managers / Loss Mitigation Departments
    • Trustee Sale Postponement Services
    • Weekly Updates & Status Reports on Your Short Sale
    • Expert Negotiation (All Provided by Licensed Agents) Includes:
  • Presentation of Current Market Data
  • Local & National Legislation
  • Summary of Lender’s Losses

What Are the Benefits of Working with Short Sale Solutions?

  • Reduce Workload – By letting us handle the entire short sale process, it can reduce your workload for a short sale by 70%.
  • Free Up Your Time – Rather than spending your time on the tedious tasks that are required with short sales, you can concentrate on obtaining new listings and marketing your properties rather than spending the time it takes for the tedious tasks that come with short sales.
  • Become An Instant Expert – Having us as your short sale “team”, you can confidently sell yourself as the expert when meeting with sellers.
  • Remove Calls to the Loss Mitigation Departments – If you’ve ever worked on a short sale before, then you know that it requires a lot of patience. We know how to expedite the process and get through the “gate keepers” to talk directly to the decision makers.
  • Increase the Likelihood of Your Short Sales Being Accepted & Closed – By having Short Sale experts working with you, you can be assured that lenders are receiving all the necessary documents to make a quick, informed decision.
  • Increase Earning Potential – Allows you to accept the more difficult properties that you were previously turning away.
  • Help Homeowner – By getting the short sale approved and closed, you will help homeowners avoid foreclosure, save their credit and move on with their lives.
  • Make Money! – Of course the bottom line is: The more short sales you can close, the more money you will make!


For more in-depth information, I have included a link below to a video about the benefits of using Short Sale Solutions.

Why use Short Sale Solutions?