Watch Short Sale Solutions Interview at the October’s Investor Workshop meeting on October 24, 2012!

To interview or have Short Sales Solutions speak at your event, please email, or call us at 949-340-5457. We will consider all guest speaking opportunities and we are always available for any questions you might have regarding short sales! Don’t Lose Your Shorts! Call us Today!… Read More

Short Sale Solutions is the Guest Speaker at OCAR’s Laguna Hills Event!

More than 60 realtors, agents, and brokers attended OCAR’s Laguna Hills meeting on November 8th to hear Short Sale Solutions speak about the many services we provide. The audience asked many important questions regarding short sales and received advice from the company’s very own, Marlene Waterhouse and Tina Hartman.  Short Sale Solutions would like to thank everyone who attended the event and for all of the positive feedback we received! We appreciate it very much!… Read More