2011 Goals … continued

As we mentioned last month, we have been busy implementing our goals for 2011:

  • Goal #1 Effective & Streamlined Systems
  • Goal #2: Approvals Within 90 Days or Less
  • Goal #3: Staying Legal: Documents & Compensation

And in order to improve our systems and obtain speedy approvals, we need to begin with File Submission and discuss ways to improve this area in order to ensure a timely & successful outcome.

File Submission Guidelines:

Part of the difficulties that we encounter in processing the short sale is … Read More

Question of the Month

    Is it legal to request that the buyer pay the short sale processing fees?

We get asked this question … a lot! So, let’s attempt to clear up this issue:

First of all, this question is in direct response to a DRE article that was written in Sept. 2010, regarding Short Sale Fraud and in particular, the issue that some listing agents and/or short sale negotiators were requiring short sale negotiating fees to be paid by the buyers (as opposed to the seller). There was … Read More