2011 Goals

As you may be aware the short sale industry is constantly a moving target. Government programs, DRE concerns, and lender policies are continually changing and this makes what we do more challenging. In light of all this, we have been working hard to develop our business, and have been scrutinizing our methods to determine the best way we can improve our services. And we have identified goals that we would like to attain moving forward:

  • Goal #1: Effective & Streamlined Systems
  • Goal #2: Approvals Within 90 Days or Less
  • Goal #3: Staying Legal: Documents & Compensation
  • To help us achieve these goals, we have taken the following steps:

    We now use a secure online database that allows us to be totally paperless. Every document we receive gets scanned and placed in the system. Every conversation that we have gets logged. Our calendaring system tracks the next needed steps and warns of upcoming trustee sale dates. All of this allows us to have the information we need, when we need it, regardless of where we are, as well as improves our efficiency while handling the short sale file.
    We have also invested in ongoing training, and are well plugged into the industry community. Weekly conference calls and bi-monthly industry events keep us current with the strategies to best deal with pushing the short sale through. We share contacts and exchange information and are in communication with industry “insiders” who help us get our files through.

    In addition, we subscribe to services that help us stay current with the newest industry developments. We regularly consult with an attorney who specializes in short sales and makes sure our documents comply with the current laws in place.

    Stay tuned for future articles where we will describe in depth the changes and additions we are making to accomplish these goals!

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Tina Hartman is the owner of Short Sale Solutions, the leading short sale negotiation company in all of California. We pride ourselves in providing the very best possible customer service for processing & negotiating short sales while generating an outcome that benefits all parties.

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